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Hand Painted by Carmel

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Hand Painted By Carmel offers unique, hand painted coated tablecloths, placemats, chair cushions and upholstery fabric. The collection consists of distinctive vibrant and original co-ordinated designs. This ‘mess-free’ range of products is ideal for inside or outside, owing to its unique easy and simple wipe-clean properties.

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Hand Painted By Carmel has invented an environmentally friendly product used by restaurants, as an alternative to the traditional tablecloth. Our pure cotton fabric tablecloths, can be uniquely designed to suit the décor of the restaurant, ranging from plain colours to designs, as well as incorporating the logo of your restaurant. The tablecloths are protected with our unique, technologically advanced and eco-friendly, TEXTILE SHIELD, where no laundry is required, simply wipe down - we guarantee it!

Our range is quite vast including BOTH coated and uncoated products, such as

  • Tablecloths (both coated as well as a full range of uncoated linens, cottons and polycotton cloths)
  • Overlays (both coated as well as a full range of uncoated linens, cottons and polycotton cloths)
  • Napkins
  • Placemats
  • Chair Cushions
  • Pool Lounges
  • Upholstery
  • Box cloths with frill attached (for conference venues)

What We Offer:

  • Fabric of the highest quality
  • Best prices, as we buy directly from cotton mills
  • Custom made designs
  • A lease system proving to be most cost effective, which includes:
    • A guarantee against staining and wear.
    • Replacement of worn / damaged cloths
  • No laundry fees
We invite you to come and view our design intensive colourful world of coated and uncoated fabric products at
Below, please find a comparison between the conventional system of buying and replacing linen tablecloths, and the innovative Hand Painted by Carmel (HPC) lease system:
Conventional system of buying and replacing linen tablecloths:The Innovative Hand Painted By Carmel (HPC) System
Using a venue of 30 tables for the comparison i.e 80cm x 80cm in size:

 You would need to buy three sets of tablecloths:
  • one at the laundry
  • one already on the tables
  • one set on the shelf in store
The cost of a tablecloth would roughly be R70.00 per unit. The total is therefore R6300.00 (30 tables x R70.00 x 3sets)

The cost would have to be written off over 12 months, but to be prudent; we will work on an 18 month write off period. This means, that after 18 months, this cost will have to be incurred again.

The monthly cost of the purchase and replacement of the linen tablecloths is therefore at least R350.00 per month.

The cost of laundry at wholesale rates is R18.00 (excl VAT) per kilogram. A soiled cloth weighs roughly one third of a kilo. Therefore, the cost to have a tablecloth collected from the restaurant, washed, ironed and then delivered back to the restaurant is R6.00 per tablecloth. (R18.00 per kg divided by 3).

The laundry cost per month would therefore be R6.00 per cloth x 30 cloths x 25 days per month = R4500.00 per month

Add the cost of laundry to the cost of buying and replacing the tablecloths: R4500.00 + R350.00 = R4850.00
On the HPC Lease System, the tablecloths are made up in specialized design. The price would be R2140.00 + VAT per month as opposed to R4850.00 (Design and colour specific to your restaurant).

Other reasons for the HPC lease system being the better option besides the cost:

The HPC tablecloths come with a guarantee against staining and wear. Damaged cloths will be replaced.

There is no gradual fading of the fabric. Our fabric is guaranteed against fading and will be replaced if it becomes faded for any reason.

With the conventional laundry system, it is very difficult to control the stock of tablecloths. As an example, it is very easy to send 30 cloths to be washed, and only receive 27 back.

We have a set cost, whereas with laundry, there are always price fluctuations.

In Summary:

The effective management of the conventional linen system would require additional activities such as:

  1. Counting the dirty cloths sent for laundry, then re-counting the returned, clean cloths.
  2. Keeping count of the total stock and then having to order in when stock levels drop.
  3. Check each folded cloth on a regular basis and removing stained cloths.
  4. Dealing with laundry services that are not on time.
  5. Extra time taken up in un-setting and re setting a table during peak times, whereas a simple wipe down is all a HPC tablecloth requires.
Because Hand Painted By Carmel guarantee the product and replace goods that look below par, the restaurant will always look neat and fresh. With the HPC lease system, our product and service is truly an innovative alternative to linen tablecloths which require extra time and effort to maintain.

Most importantly, being a HPC lease system client, means that you have our full commitment to both satisfying your tablecloth requirements, as well as enhancing the décor of your shop. The colourful, design intensive world of HAND PAINTED BY CARMEL, is made up of an unique combination of our in-house design studio, with qualified textile designers, in-house technical and engineering staff, as well as our on-going relationships with top fabric mills and suppliers, ensuring a great product and achieving the desired result.

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